1. Click the following forms that you might be looking for:

EM Children Dedication Form

EM Membership Application Form

EM Baptism Form

MCLC Single Event Application Form

MCLC Multiple Event Application Form

2. Download the forms as PDF files.

3. Fill in all the necessary fields, if there are missing information we may not accept your form.

*For the Signature field, you must sign it on a piece of paper and then take a picture of it using a smart phone or an actual camera.

**Suggestion: Before inserting the raw picture of your signature, edit/crop it on any software i.e Paint so that it will fit nicely on the line provided. (See step 5 below.)

4. Don't forget to include your picture if the form asks for it!

5. And also your signature!


6. Once you have double checked all your information, SAVE your form and SEND as an attachment to our e-mail:

7. After we have confirmed the form is completed and handed in we will start processing it which usually will take an estimate of 3-4 days to reply. Thank you for your patience in advance and welcome to SEAC!  

Feel free to contact us if you have any troubles or questions regarding these forms!